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How GOJO is Shaping the Future of Hand Hygiene

GOJO has long been at the forefront of innovation in the hygiene and sanitation industry, pioneering solutions that prioritize effectiveness, sustainability, and user experience. With a rich history dating back to 1946, GOJO’s dedication to hand hygiene has driven the development of iconic brands like PURELL®, trusted by millions worldwide. In this insightful interview, we’ll explore how GOJO’s latest offering, the ES10 Dispensing platform, exemplifies the brand’s ongoing commitment to sustainability and innovation.

The scope of eco-friendly initiatives that the industry is adopting are broad. How does the new ES10 Dispenser align with GOJO’s broader sustainability goals and initiatives?

The ES10 dispensing platform exemplifies GOJO’s holistic sustainability approach and commitment to environmentally responsible solutions across our business operations. This new dispenser highlights how GOJO is working to address the various pillars of sustainability ranging from material circularity, recyclability, and resource conservation. With ES10 we’ve managed to reduce plastic usage by 30% throughout the lifespan of the dispenser through thoughtful design considerations including an evolved pump concept and light-weighted refill bottles. This reduction corresponds to a 38% decrease in greenhouse gas emissions.

We’ve also ensured that the reduced plastic bottles can be effectively and conveniently recycled. All formulations compatible with the ES10 platform have received various third-party environmental certifications, such as Cradle to Cradle, USDA Certified Biobased Products, and Eco Logo.

Finally, for this dispenser we are leveraging our most sustainable formulations. Each of the formulations used with the ES10 dispensing platform come with a 3rd party environmental certification. This includes our most dynamic soap formula, PURELL® HEALTHY SOAP® with CLEAN RELEASE® TECHNOLOGY. This soap is another great example of how we’re thinking holistically about sustainability. It is free of fragrances, dyes, phthalates, parabens, and triclosan and are the greenest GOJO soap formulations, with 90 percent biobased content far exceeding the 64 percent standard for biobased handwashes. They rinse faster and cleaner, saving an estimated 6 gallons per refill compared to regular soap.

How would you describe the ES10’s position in the dispenser category? What markets are you targeting?

The ES10 platform is our simplest to use, most innovative and most sustainable touch-free platform. We know people continue to value touch-free dispensing so they have increased confidence in their hand-hygiene experience and the facility or space that they are using. The ES10 platform meets those needs exceptionally with its novel design requiring no battery maintenance, and easy to see fill-levels for quick refill maintenance. While ES10 is quickly gaining attention and success across all markets,

we are seeing increased interest in healthcare, higher educations, events facilities, and traditional and Class A offices across North America.

How does the introduction of the ES10 Dispenser reflect GOJO’s commitment to innovation in product development within the hygiene and sanitation industry?

While GOJO has been a mainstay in hand-hygiene from a soap and hand-sanitizer formulation perspective, we have also been constant innovators and industry stewards of dispensing technology since 1952 when we invented the first portion-controlled soap dispenser. ES10 is the latest in a series of amazing innovations in Touch-Free dispensing. This technology eliminates the need to maintain or change the batteries. Every new soap or hand-sanitizer refill comes with a new AA battery so you can always have confidence that the dispenser will stay in service.

ES10 further demonstrates GOJO’s commitment to innovation with the introduction of the PURELL Dispenser Advisor™ App. This app was developed to provide facilities and maintenance teams with access to information about a fleet of dispenser’s usage patterns and ultimately when to check or change a refill. This is a 100% complementary solution that comes with every ES10 Dispenser and can be downloaded onto any smart phone.

How simple is the installation and maintenance process for the ES10?

We like to say that installation of the ES10 is as simple as hanging a picture frame. You can use pre-adhered high-shear double-sided foam tape or standard screws and drywall anchors, depending on the wall material or dispenser placement. Additionally, we offer various wall-mount accessories such as ES10 True-Fit Wall plates to conceal previous dispenser damage and ES10 Floor and Wall Shields to prevent spills. We also provide floor-stands and counter-top stands for versatile placement options in any location.

Replacing refills is quicker and easier with the ES10 dispensers. A simple process of opening the cabinet, depressing a quick release latch, and removing the empty refill is all that is needed before installing the new refill and closing the cabinet to re-set and re-activate the dispenser. Recycling the empty refills is also extremely easy. The one consideration is to ensure you remove the AA battery from the refill-collar and dispose of it in the proper waste stream (per local/regional guidance).

How have industry trends like consumer behaviour around sustainability affected innovation in the hand hygiene space?

At GOJO, our commitment lies in addressing the dynamic needs of various stakeholders who interact with our products, from facility leads to environmental and health professionals. With our ES10 solution, we’ve embraced a “Less is More” Strategy to cater to today’s market demands comprehensively.

ES10 facilitates less maintenance, enabling service teams to achieve more in less time and at a reduced cost. This is made possible through features like the AT-A-GLANCE™ Refill Design for quick product level checks, ENERGY-ON-THE-REFILL™ technology providing each refill with its own energy source, and the NEW DISPENSER ADVISOR™ offering valuable insights via a complementary app.

ES10 promotes less waste by employing sustainable design principles, including reduced plastic usage, lower greenhouse gas emissions, improved recyclability, and third-party certified sustainable formulations.

ES10 delivers more ways to impress, offering a best-in-class experience for hand washers, maintenance professionals, and infection prevention leaders alike. This includes premium foam with a softer sound, a slim design featuring a new plated chrome finish, and enhanced functionality like reduced false actuations due to UV and strobe lights.