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GOJO Launches New Sustainable Value Goals

GOJO, a well-being solutions company, has announced its third set of Sustainable Value Goals, focusing on Clean Chemistry, Flourishing Team GOJO, Plastics & Circular Design, and Climate Resilience & Responsibility. The goals were identified through a materiality assessment, stakeholder engagement process, benchmarking, and trend analysis. The cross functional team evaluated the targets, which were sponsored by executive team members and ultimately decided by a Sustainable Value Steering Team. GOJO has been a leader in safer chemistry and intends to expand product transparency. It will work towards strengthening its culture and team members’ growth and development. In addition, the company will transform its packaging and dispensing systems by exploring alternative materials and delivery methods. It has committed to setting short-term and long-term carbon reduction targets in alignment with the Science Based Targets Initiative’s Net-Zero Standard. The company’s Sustainable Value strategy strives to create social, environmental, and economic value for all stakeholders. Read more to learn more about GOJO’s sustainability milestones and innovative solutions.

GOJO USA: Blog: GOJO Launches New Sustainable Value Goals