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Boost Your Business with Hoover Commercial: More Runtime, Less Downtime

In the demanding world of commercial cleaning, every second matters. At Hoover Commercial, we understand this – our cutting-edge cleaning solutions are designed to maximize runtime, minimize downtime, and turbocharge productivity.

Unlike the competition, the performance of our 12AH batteries does not degrade as the batteries run down, maintenance is more efficient and accessible than ever, and with a dedicated support team, even handling worst-case scenarios can be a breeze.

Exceptional Runtime: The Cordless Difference

Our cordless products, powered by our unbeatable 12AH battery, boast up to 120 minutes of runtime. Plus, they maintain full suction power until completely drained, guaranteeing consistent, top-grade performance.

With easily swappable batteries that don’t degrade power or suction, continued cleaning with optimal performance the entire time means half-finished jobs are a thing of the past.

Less Downtime: The Hush Tone Advantage

Our Hush Tone vacuums feature tool-free maintenance capabilities, meaning any staff member can perform quick fixes. The result? Dramatically reduced downtime and a workforce that always delivers on its promises.

From getting back up and running in a pinch to ensuring that new staff members can be quickly and easily brought up to speed, Hush Tone vacuums ensure downtime is kept to a minimum and efficiency remains high even in less-than-ideal scenarios.

Support When You Need It: The Preferred Support Team

With Hoover Commercial, you not only gain a competitive advantage, but you also gain a committed partner. Our Preferred Support Team is always ready to provide expert advice and help, ensuring swift, efficient support that keeps downtime to a minimum.

Partner with Hoover Commercial and unlock your commercial cleaning business’s full potential. Experience the difference today. After all, time saved is success gained with Hoover Commercial.