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The Office Comeback: Ergonomics Entices Employees to Return

The work-from-home trend is gradually fading as office workers realize that the at-home desk setup is not a suitable permanent solution. Ergonomics plays a vital role in this office revival, driving employees’ desire to spend more time in a physical office. Let’s explore the importance of ergonomics in the workspace, the advantages this brings for both employees and employers, and how we can work ergonomically wherever we are.

Generation Tech Neck

The increased use of digital devices has had a significant impact on our health. Studies have shown that chronic pain affects a large number of individuals. Back pain, in particular, has become a leading cause of sick leave. Experts attribute this to prolonged hours spent hunched over screens. On average, office workers spend around 11 hours per day sitting, with a substantial portion of that time dedicated to screen-based tasks.

Avoiding Posture Pitfalls when WFH

Working from home presents its own challenges, especially when it comes to poor equipment and inadequate workspace setups. Research indicates that 38% of remote employees experience back problems due to suboptimal setups, with 22% reporting severe pain. Dissatisfaction with the home office environment has fueled the desire to return to the physical workplace. Interestingly, employees satisfied with the ergonomic aspects of their home setups seek fewer office days. Therefore, it is crucial to prioritize ergonomics in all workspaces, including remote offices, considering the prevalence of laptop and tablet usage for work-related tasks.

A Win-Win Situation

Compliance with workplace safety and health requirements should help companies provide ergonomic equipment in their offices. Surveys reveal that a significant majority (79%) of employees’ express satisfaction with their office equipment, highlighting the benefits of ergonomic solutions. Investing in ergonomics yields positive outcomes for both employees and employers. The costs incurred for better ergonomic equipment are typically recovered within six months. Various studies have consistently demonstrated improved productivity, reduced illness rates, and fewer errors, resulting in a favorable cost-benefit ratio for businesses.

Best Case: Embracing Ergonomics Anywhere

Creating work environments that prioritize health is paramount, regardless of whether employees work remotely, in co-working spaces, or on company premises. Employers play a vital role in supporting ergonomic practices. Research shows that a significant majority (91%) of companies are willing to invest more in ergonomic work equipment. Ergonomic desk chairs, height-adjustable desks, and properly positioned screens are key elements for ensuring ergonomic well-being.

Ergonomic Monitor Mounts

DURABLE offers a range of monitor mounts that cater to individual needs, allowing for personalized screen positioning that promotes back and eye health. Whether using a single monitor or multiple screens, DURABLE’s monitor mounts provide versatile solutions suitable for all work environments. The PRO line has received prestigious quality certifications, such as the ‘Ergonomic Product’ seal and the Iconic Award for exceptional design quality. DURABLE’s monitor mounts are not only sustainable but also come with extended warranties of up to 10 years, ensuring long-lasting performance.

Optimizing Laptops and Tablets

Working with laptops and tablets outside the traditional office setting often leads to compromised posture. DURABLE addresses this challenge with portable laptop and tablet stands that offer simple yet effective solutions for ergonomic work conditions. The RISE laptop stand provides infinite adjustability, accommodating devices ranging from 10″ to 17″. The lightweight FOLD laptop stand is ideal for on-the-go use, while the Tablet Stand RISE offers ergonomic tablet usage with its versatile and adjustable design.