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Elevate workplace well-being with Tork hygiene solutions today!

In 2023, employees care about hygiene, health and wellbeing more than ever. But don’t worry! We are here to take the stress out of office hygiene, so you can focus on your business.

Whatever the size of your office, we can help you create a clean and safe work environment that results in employees and visitors feeling comfortable, valued and safe.

From your reception area, to your meeting rooms, to your washrooms; we have got all the hygiene solutions you need to meet employees’ expectations, in every area of your office.


  • Make the right impression at your reception area and beyond with easy-to-use hygiene solutions that are readily available for all. 

Office areas and conference rooms

  • Keep your office areas and conference rooms up to standard with our specially designed hygiene solutions. Because workspaces should be about work, not hygiene concerns.


  • Not running out of hygiene products in the washroom has never been more important. That is why, our easy-to-maintain, refillable hygiene solutions help you ensure products are always readily available, for all your washroom users.


  • Breakrooms should be about relaxing, not germs. So, help your employees recharge in a clean, comfortable environment with hygiene solutions that everyone can use.

Entire office

  • Ensure a clean and hygienic facility. From surface cleaning, to hand hygiene solutions, we have got everything you need to meet your employees’ hygiene expectations, in every part of your office.