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Want to Elevate Your Space? Start with an Office Chair Upgrade

It may sound simple, but the right chair will instantly upgrade any office space.

What’s more, great seating is actually part of a larger conversation about the future of work. Think about the last 12-15 months and how you and your employees’ work habits have changed; there’s a long list of pros and cons, likes and dislikes and what people appreciate about flexible work that they want to incorporate into their “normal” work environments. The word “comfort” appears often in reports, studies and surveys that help companies better understand how to help their employees navigate this new era of work. Companies are increasingly facing the pressures of a workforce that’s dynamic and prefers flexibility; office design and furniture are two key considerations for employees who want a new, more modern version of the office.

Which brings us back to the chair.

We know that sitting in an uncomfortable or unsupportive chair for long periods isn’t ideal, and can have negative impacts if you spend 4-6 hours in that chair each day.

Let’s talk about how a better office chair fits into the workplace your employees want and expect.

Why Does the Office or Workplace Need to be Elevated?

It’s a fairly simple answer: work is different.

People have spent so much time working from home or in a hybrid setup that they’ve developed new work habits and new tendencies and found things that help them work better or more efficiently. They know, for all intents and purposes, what they don’t like: an outdated office with furniture that’s not supportive, is dull or simply doesn’t meet their needs.

The chair, believe it or not, is one furniture item that often gets overlooked—and the thought of “a chair is a chair” couldn’t be further from the truth.

Everything revolves around the chair. It’s the one constant in our work day and it can set the tone for a happy, productive office space.

“It’s an investment in your health. We should be thinking about tailoring our workspace around the chair,” said Jeremy Tinkler, Manager of Product Marketing for The HON Company.

Upgrading to a durable, comfortable chair that matches the aesthetic of your office not only elevates the space itself, but also elevates the health and productivity of your employees.

HON’s Seating Solutions Meet the Needs of Your Office and Your Employees

HON has plenty of seating options to fit your office needs, physically and aesthetically. Here are some of our customers’ favorites.

Ignition® 2.0, now with Colorwav™

A HON favorite, its latest release earlier this year is truly made for any office. Its Designer White frame and multiple lumbar color options make Ignition® the go-to choice for comfort and durability, while being able to match your preferred style or aesthetic.

There’s even more on the way with Ignition later in July, including an all-new waterfall mesh seat, weight-activated control, adjustable headrest, and mesh back Big & Tall options.

Mav™ Single Lounge Seating

QDesign partner Rick Joutras, who was part of the team that designed Mav™, likes to say that Mav™ “is a chameleon.” The modern office, as we know, should be an inviting and inspiring space that waves goodbye to the relics of offices past.

Mav™ offers a mid-century flair that fits in virtually any space, whether it’s used as a standalone piece or in a multi-use area. Mav™ is comfortable, it’s versatile and it will create an in-office oasis.

There’s plenty more to come, and the HON family of seating is about to get some exciting additions.