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How To Create Construction Paper Projects That Last

Across the country you can find construction paper projects adorning the walls of hallways and classrooms of grade schools. Throughout the school year students put time and effort into creating projects and art that bring their ideas and the lessons of teachers to life. Those projects are sent home and many parents will display their child’s creations for friends and family to see. Some are left up for a long time, but some fade over time, and are taken down because the project has “lived its life.” Why does this happen?

There are two types of construction paper available, groundwood and sulphite, and one has been proven to retain its integrity over time. Groundwood construction paper is manufactured using groundwood pulp. It has a rougher surface and does not have a crisp edge when folded. Colors are rich, however the color does fade quickly. Groundwood construction paper is commonly used because it is a cost-effective art paper. Sulphite construction paper has longer, stronger fibers that interlock. The paper has a smooth surface, so you can fold it easily and glue it. With sulphite paper the colors tend to be much more vibrant and resist fading.

An example of a sulphite construction paper is Tru-Ray® construction paper. Tru-Ray® construction paper is a premium quality, versatile art paper that is:

  • Brighter
  • Heavier
  • Smoother
  • Longer lasting
  • Fade resistant
  • Durable

It was fade tested and the colors were still bright after six hours in the sun! Tru-Ray® is perfect for simple and complex art projects and lessons because it is available in 30 vibrant colors. Students can create clean folds and it will hold up for quilling and curling projects. It is a strong paper, so heavy gluing is not a problem. Best of all, they have projects to inspire you!

When considering construction paper, think of the time children spend on their projects. Give them something to use that preserves their creativity.

At Tru-Ray®, construction paper isn’t just a flat surface for writing or drawing. It can take many forms of artistic expression. Whatever fun you can dream up, you can bring it to life with Tru-Ray® construction paper. Just add creativity.