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Keurig Is Brewing Better Coffee For A Better Tomorrow

By creating a sustainable future from the grounds up. Every cup of coffee you brew connects you to a far away farmer. When it’s Keurig® coffee, that cup is doing more because they are working closely with coffee communities to find solutions that improve their livelihoods, strengthen their farms, and ensure that coffee can thrive for generations to come. Keurig works continuously to be environmentally and socially responsible every single day by working with certification partners like Fair Trade Certified and Rainforest Alliance to ensures 100% off their coffee and cocoa is responsibly sourced. Keurig has also prioritized sustainable packaging solutions that protect coffee quality by making 100& of K-Cup® pods from from recyclable material and making more brewers with recycled plastic. By 2025, Keurig plans to reduce waste by making 100% of their product packaging from materials that can be recycled or composted and sending zero waste will be sent to landfills across our manufacturing facilities.

Today, Keurig continues to work across their supply chain to identify areas of positive impact, from addressing issues affecting farmers to expanding recycling initiatives – to supporting the protection of the coffee ecosystem for future generations

Coffee Sourcing: Keurig sources from growers who value environmental responsibility and protecting coffee quality

Farming Communities: Keurig supports efforts to build resilient, inclusive, and thriving small scale coffee communities

Manufacturing: Keurig built the largest LEED-certified manufacturing plant in North America and we are continuing to identify areas across operations where we could reduce CO2 emissions.

Recycling: To help more of K-Cup® pods get recycled, Keurig improved packaging, invested in recycling testing, and helped strengthen the recycling infrastructure. Keurig also offers a workplace recycling and composting program, K-Cycle where 100% of the K-Cup® pod is repurposed.

From seed to cup, every step in the coffee supply chain is an opportunity to create lasting change. Together, we can build a better tomorrow for people and the planet.